This Venus has gone from "normal" society and is living on the fringes; she's taken refuge in a barn or cellar or attic, wherever she could find a place... and has been startled by someone who's opened a door into that space, discovering her.
Her face holds all the ambivalence of her situation: in turns absorbed in her fascinating project (and resentful at being disturbed), reluctant to engage her fate (and accusing he who might have brought it to her), questioning her own resolve (and her own initial impulse to do this)... wondering if she'll survive the work at all.

The light comes from 3 sources: ambient light, light from the open door, and shafts of sunlight splashed across her from hidden cracks in the shelter.

This describes my experience of the creative process.

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Feral Venus
(2005-2007) 6'11"x4'6¼"/210x140cm (Oil on canvas)

Feral Venus